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SNMP Poller tool to monitor any thing on network

Few years ago, I had created one SNMP Poller tool using perl and snmp utilites that can poll OID informations from any network devices, which is kind of passive monitoring mechanism. Thought to make it Opensource under GNU GPL. The … Continue reading

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Nagios Plugin Developed@NagiosExchange

Long ago, while working in one of the previous organization, there were lots of components like services and servers running in production environment. I had deployed all products one by one from scratch and the count kept on increasing. There … Continue reading

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Fix SSH Issue : Offending key for IP in ~/.ssh/known_hosts:n

When ever we connect to another host with ssh client, it asks the user to add the public key of the remote host in the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file of that user. This is by default enabled by “StrictHostKeyChecking yes” which can … Continue reading

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One liner tricks using perl/bash

Sometime small small hacks saves a lot of our time. The regexes used here can be changed as per need. In some cases try alternatively with single/double quote if dont work. Count the number of times a specific character appears … Continue reading

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