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SNMP Poller tool to monitor any thing on network

Few years ago, I had created one SNMP Poller tool using perl and snmp utilites that can poll OID informations from any network devices, which is kind of passive monitoring mechanism. Thought to make it Opensource under GNU GPL. The … Continue reading

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My MongoDB cheatsheet

Few years ago, I was working on one mongoDB project.Its a NoSQL database , easy to learn and its pure JSON based. I learned it myself and had created a cheatsheet for it, so I can easily recall it anytime … Continue reading

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Linux performance Monitoring Tools

There are a lot of tools used for monitoring the performance in Linux. Here is the list of tools in one image that covers what is monitored by what.  

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Chef Recipe: Oracle DB 11gR2 EE silent deploy

Chef provides a lot of flexibility and greater choice for infrastructure automation and I prefer it over others. We should design our recipe in such a way that the our recipes without being modified can be used in any environment … Continue reading

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Docker Supervisord – Way to run multiple Demon process in a container

The docker was released keeping in mind, one daemon  per container which makes the container lightweight. Like suppose for running a web application, one container will serve database, one container will server as web server, one container  will server as  caching … Continue reading

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xend Error: Acquire running lock failed: 256

Recently I encountered this issue in OVMM 3.2.9  while starting a vm with xm create <vm.cfg path> The reason behind this found was : the vm was not shutdown properly  and the lock file is still there even if VM … Continue reading

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xend issue : Xend has probably crashed! Invalid or missing HTTP status code.

I recently found  some VMs of one OVS node( from 30+ nodes)  went down and not able to start with this error : Xend has probably crashed!  Invalid or missing HTTP status code. There are many reasons behind this. And … Continue reading

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