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xend issue : Xend has probably crashed! Invalid or missing HTTP status code.

I recently found  some VMs of one OVS node( from 30+ nodes)  went down and not able to start with this error : Xend has probably crashed!  Invalid or missing HTTP status code. There are many reasons behind this. And … Continue reading

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Chef Issue – Recover deleted user pivotal

By default “pivotal” is the only chef server superuser who has permission to CREATE users,orgnization, group etc in chef server.  So if by mistake you will delete the “pivotal” user with below command : # chef-server-ctl user-delete pivotal Then , … Continue reading

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Docker Concept & Setup

Why Containerization ? Up to now we have been working with monolithic applications where different components of service are packaged into a single application which is easy to develop, test and deploy.But when it becomes large and complex it’s become difficult … Continue reading

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Fix SSH Issue : Offending key for IP in ~/.ssh/known_hosts:n

When ever we connect to another host with ssh client, it asks the user to add the public key of the remote host in the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file of that user. This is by default enabled by “StrictHostKeyChecking yes” which can … Continue reading

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