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chef attribute : avoiding “undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass” error

In chef, when a nested attribute that might not exist/or not crated yet, you can use rescue as a modifier to an if statement. For example, assuming that only some of your nodes have node[‘install_wls’][‘isManaged’]defined: if node[‘install_wls’][‘isManaged’] do the stuff … Continue reading

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chef knife tricks: Add a node in an environment

  Sometime during automation of a large deployment process, we have to bootstrap a node , create environment and add the node in that particular environment on the fly.   Bootstraping : 2. Create environment dynamically from inside the programme:(python … Continue reading

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Chef Issue – Recover deleted user pivotal

By default “pivotal” is the only chef server superuser who has permission to CREATE users,orgnization, group etc in chef server.  So if by mistake you will delete the “pivotal” user with below command : # chef-server-ctl user-delete pivotal Then , … Continue reading

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