About Me ☁

I am Priyadarhshee Divyashree Kumar ,a final year student of IMCA ,A 5 years after 10+2 in Utkal University . Since 2007 when I came in touch with GNULINUX , the history behind this ,the opensource concept I feel my works what I do or what I’ll do . I am a gr8 supporter of opensource and a fan of RMS .I respect him and alwayas use opensource tools to solve my problems . There are a lot of freedoms using these opensource s/ws as they are transparent and  gives a lot of flexibility.

I am a linux  programmer, a DevOps and I like solving problems. I use Python, Perl, Bash, cloud and many opensource technologies in my daily work.

Here I want to share some of my experiences in which I come through ,which may help some of newbies.

I can also be found here : https://github.com/kumarprd



6 Responses to About Me ☁

  1. Chaitanya says:


    Nice blog. Nice to see some blogs with serious contents with Linux and related. I miss writing myself but I can not squeeze time right now to start of my own. And the article for creating a new run level is nice. You would find it to be useful a lot of times.
    Keep writing. Will keep up with the blog.

  2. b0koo15 says:

    nice 1!

  3. Prodev05 says:

    Great work. Worth reading this blog.

  4. Nice, Clear, Simple and to the Point. I like your focus on using commandline. (y)

  5. christopher says:

    nice blog body keep it up and we will support you

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