send foreground job/running process to run in background

1.Moving Linux job from Foreground Into background :

  • start the program
  • Ctrl+Z (Will pause the program on the terminal)
  • jobs (find the job number from current shell)
  • bg  %jobnum


NOTE : Here we are only sending the process into background but exiting the programe still use the child shell of the current shell. So exiting the shell/terminal will kill the process.


2. Moving Linux jobs into background(nohup mode, freeing the shell)

  • Start the program
  • Ctrl+Z (Will pause the program on the terminal)
  • bg to run it in the background
  • disown -h ( shell disowns the process and will not get SIGHUP, so its kind of nohup mode)
  • exit (To exit from the shell)
  • Check in other terminal if the process is still running


NOTE : Here  running process is moved into background, and exiting the shell will not kill the process and will still run.


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I am a Linux and Opensource enthusiast. I started working on Linux early in 2007 while I was doing my Masters in Computer Science and passed out in 2010. Currently working as a DevOps Developer in in Public/Private cloud domain. my @github : my @nagiosexchange : my @linkedin :☁-a9415615
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