My Git commandline Cheat-sheet

Creating a new repository

mkdir project

cd project

git init

git remote add origin

git add .

git commit -am “new repository”

git push -u origin master

Cloning existing repository

git clone

Creating branch

git checkout -b feature-1

# you are now in a branch, you can edit and create new files

git add .

git commit -am “new feature”

Merging branch to master

git checkout master

git merge feature-1

git push

Deleting branch

git branch -d feature-x

List all branches

git branch -a

Switch branch

git checkout feature-x

Switch to master branch

git checkout master

Listing Remote repositories

git remote -v

Replacing remote repository

# in case your remote repository changes, or you want to switch from HTTPS->SSH or SSH->HTTPS

git remote remove origin

git remote add origin


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I am a Linux and Opensource enthusiast. I started working on Linux early in 2007 while I was doing my Masters in Computer Science and passed out in 2010. Currently working as a DevOps Developer in in Public/Private cloud domain. my @github : my @nagiosexchange : my @linkedin :☁-a9415615
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