Add time stamp to commands in linux history

Some times we need to know at what time someone executed a command. We can add the time stamp to the commands displayed in the history.

echo 'export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d/%m/%y %T "' >> ~/.bash_profile ; source ~/.bash_profile

Then type history command and it will display the commands executed with their timestamp. e.g.

873 18/05/16 05:18:05 docker pull ubuntu
874 18/05/16 05:18:05 docker images
875 18/05/16 05:18:05 docker tag ubuntu:latest
876 18/05/16 05:18:05 docker ps
877 18/05/16 05:18:05 docker stop bkdevregistry
878 18/05/16 05:18:05 dockedr rm bkdevregistry



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I am a Linux and Opensource enthusiast. I started working on Linux early in 2007 while I was doing my Masters in Computer Science and passed out in 2010. Currently working as a DevOps Developer in in Public/Private cloud domain. my @github : my @nagiosexchange : my @linkedin :☁-a9415615
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