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Spell the OS name correctly GNU/LINUX not LINUX

Friends ,actually we are naming Linux as an complete Operating Syatem .But it’s not true .Linux is only the kernel not the total OS. When many GNU utilities and more  are added to the Linux kernel ,then only it becomes … Continue reading

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Install Fedora/Ubuntu or any GNU/Linux from a USB stick

Notebooks run great by Fedora or any Gnu/Linux  .But some of them come without an optical drive of any kind which can make it a challenge to install an operating system on them. Unless you have an external DVD-ROM or … Continue reading

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Dig the mine /proc in GNU/LINUX

One of the most interesting directories on any GNU/Linux system is /proc, which is a virtual filesystem that provides a lot of information on the hardware of the running system and of the various processes running. This directory normally remains … Continue reading

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