The top alternatives to proprietary softwares

The open source softwares are different from the proprietary s/ws not only inprice but it makes the user of the software feel as a real user of the software both for programmers and also for the normal users of the software by using the freedoms.

All the opensource softwares are licensed under GNU- GPL which are based on the COPY-LEFT concept while proprietary software are base don copyright concept .

Here are some TOP alternatives to the top proprietary s/w :

Proprietary Vs OpenSource

Operating System

* Windows Vista Vs Ubuntu Linux

* Windows Server Vs RedHat/Suse Linux

Internet Browser

* Internet explorer Vs Firefox


* Microsoft Sql Server Vs My Sql


* Microsoft Office Vs Openoffice

* Mactopia Vs Neooffice (FOR MAC OS)

Office Tools

* MathWorks MATLAB Vs Scilab

* Microsoft Access Vs Kexi

* Microsoft Word Vs OpenOffice Writer

* Microsoft Excel Vs OpenOffice Calc

* Microsoft Visio Vs Dia


* Blackboard Vs Moodle

Graphic Programs

* Adobe Illustrator Vs Inkscape

* Adobe PhotoShop Vs GIMP

* Adobe Premiere Vs Avidemux

* AutoCAD Vs Archimedes

* Microsoft PowerPoint Vs OpenOffice Impress

* Microsoft Paint Vs Tux Paint

* TruSpace Vs Blender

Web Editors

* Adobe GoLive CS2 Vs Mozilla SeaMonkey

* Adobe Dreamweaver Vs NVU

* Macromedia Flash Professional Vs OpenLaszlo

* Microsoft FrontPage Vs Bluefish

* Windows Notepad to ConTEXT

* Altova XMLSpy Vs XML Copy Editor


* Adobe Acrobat Vs PDFCreator

* Adobe Framemaker Vs DocBook

* Microsoft Publisher Vs Scribus


* AIM Vs Pidgin

* FeedDemon Vs RSS Bandit

* Microsoft MSN Messenger Vs aMSN

* Microsoft Outlook Vs Thunderbird

* Skype Vs Wengophone


* iTunes Vs Songbird

* Nero Burning Rom Vs K3b

* Quicktime Vs Darwin Streaming Server

* TiVo Desktop Vs

* Windows Media Player Vs Miro


* CuteFTP Vs Filezilla

* iBackup Vs ZManda

* Norton Ghost Vs Partition Image

* Rational Purify Vs Valgrind

* WinZip Vs 7-Zip


* Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Vs Winpooch

* McAfee VirusScan Vs ClamWin

* Norton Personal Firewall Vs WIPFW


* Vs OpenSSL

* Microsoft Money (Plus) Vs TurboCash:

* Quickbooks Vs Compiere


About Divyashree - The GNULINUX Guy

I am a Linux and Opensource enthusiast. I started working on Linux early in 2007 while I was doing my Masters in Computer Science and passed out in 2010. Currently working as a DevOps Developer in in Public/Private cloud domain. my @github : my @nagiosexchange : my @linkedin :☁-a9415615
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